In July of 2011, The Butlers from Philadelphia came and toured our tower and rang our bells on their "I-20 Tour" of change ringing towers. Quite a few members of the Church of the Heavenly Rest were there to hear the bells ring after a period of 5 or so years of inactivity. Eileen Butler made a comment to the Abilene Reporter News that it was almost sinful to have such a wonderful piece of architecture and equipment and to not be using it. That was all that it took. A new group of ringers made up of Christian Schmoker, Christian Hankins, Annabel House, Bob and Kathy Hale, Gary Blevins, Debbie Sherman and Robert Partin began the long process of learning the fine art of change ringing. The path began with a visit from Bob and Ruth Smith, from England, doing a short introduction and some tower work. Then Conrad Bratton and Mary Glover were the instructors and former ringer, Tom Porch, stopped by for a session to help. After 6 months of work, the group began to see the fruit of their labor when they finally had the bell control to ring "rounds" successfully. This new group plans to ring rounds after the Easter services this year. (2012)